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    I plan to take a boat to the flower market later, so you can follow me. As for the documents you are worried about, during this time I will help you process the documents, you can talk about other things. As long as you want, we can definitely return to the flower market. As for the matter after returning to the flower market, we will decide then. Don't worry, I won't leave you alone."

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    Giang Tieu Tam understood the marketing department director's thoughts, "Okay, but at that time they needed to be trained, so as not to violate other people's taboos."

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    At this time, Yan King's team was still half a mile away from Han Tieu, but he was still surprised by the scream. Seeing his father under Han Tieu's sword, he quickly gathered the team together. and shouted to Han Tieu: "Don't harm me!" Father!" King Yen had no internal strength, and the place was far away, so the sound could not reach Han Xiao's ears.

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    Feng Yao stared at him and didn't believe him at all.

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    The other people immediately laughed in disbelief. Chu Thien Hoac explained for a long time, but these people also did not believe it.

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    “Tieu Phong, where did those people come from just now, did they come to find Nhi Quan?” These people, every time something happens to the Lac family, they will think of Lac Nhi Quan.

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    She really never thought that Luo Erjun would make a decision so quickly, but she also knew that making such a decision was very much like his character.

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    Han Tieu said: "Third uncle has great ambition, perhaps more suitable to be a leader than a master."

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    “We don't sell these machines, you can ask someone else.” Feng Yao spoke as he was about to close the door.

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    Giang Tieu Tam thought about the paparazzi and reporters. Lately they seemed to be following her a lot less, and were no longer as attached as in the legend.

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    Dao Dao, you can't eat porridge.

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    Doan Mo Hao sneered and said: "Hey, what 'This is him', Third Sister, since you were little, you have urinated on your brother. Since when did you think of me?"

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    The abbot did not care about the expressions of Han Tieu and the others, looked at Duan Mo Thanh in Bach Moc Linh's arms and said: "Amitabha, don't need to be so polite, this donor has been poisoned? Put her down." ." Hurry up." The wooden bench he was sitting on was sharp.

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    Hearing this, Bai Muling shivered even more and said: "Senior, can you open the brocade box for us to see?"

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    Xiao Wanying's eldest brother understood the bottom of the matter, and finally smiled helplessly and said: "Mom, Feng Yao is not without a background."

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    Don't say that Jialan's clothes will be easy to sell in the future.

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    Coming back to his senses, Feng Yao nervously moved his body and felt a little displeased. Luo Erjun slightly loosened his arms holding her, but he still didn't want to let her leave his arms.

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    Mother Ngo was not surprised when she saw this. She picked up some breakfast and fed it to Giang Tieu Tam: "Miss Tam, I still have to eat a little more in the morning."

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    Jiang Ling picked up another bar of chocolate from the table, opened it, and stuffed it into her mouth.